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Nampaka Nkumbula

Nampaka Nkumbula

UNDP Zambia Accelerator Lab

Head of Experimentation

Nampaka is currently the Zambia Accelerator Lab Head of Experimentation and is a seasoned researcher within experience supporting the Zambian Innovation ecosystem with a bias on strengthening Research and development pathways for the growth of innovations by influencing government approach and methods towards responding aptly to grassroots innovations. Prior to joining UNDP, Nampaka worked at Innovations for Poverty Action. She has experience working in the development sector, promoting the use of rigorously generated evidence with partners, conducting policy driven research, and leveraging large administrative data systems to inform decision making processes and develop scaling pathways to move promising interventions from research to scale. Working in the Health, Education and Financial Inclusion sectors in Zambia, Nampaka also has experience in agricultural policy analysis and banking with a specific focus on fund management and marketing. As a successful applicant to the B360 internship at Credit Suisse, Nampaka worked in the Export Finance Department under Corporate and Specialty Lending as a Junior Portfolio Manager. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of Zambia (UNZA) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics with Mathematics and Statistics from UNZA.