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Terms of reference to introduce a National Innovation Lab from paper to practice (Viet Nam)

What it does. Deploys the expertise necessary to bootstrapping a National Innovation Center. This includes defining success and performance indicators; assembling and upskilling a public sector innovation task force within the government: and getting it to cut its teeth by hosting some innovation policy debates.

Value proposition. By unpacking the concept of Public Sector Innovation; agreeing, across relevant stakeholders, on indicators of success; creating and upskilling a government task force; and testing it as a convener and host of innovation policy debates, we will help the government establish an authoritative platform for innovation policy making.

Why and when to use it. Bootstrapping a National Innovation Lab is appropriate when the political will and the funding to create a dedicated government unit are in place.

Known issues and troubleshooting. Use these TORs as a canvas to make your own version. The exact deliverables and timeline need to be co-created with your government partner, so that their need can be met.

Context. In 2019, Viet Nam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment plan to establish an innovation hub with the aim to develop the ecosystem, innovation and finding new drive for economic growth based on science and technology. For this purpose, they fundraised $30 million to establish a National Innovation Center under the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). MPI hired a high-profile consulting company from the Global North for $2 million to provide the initial blueprint for NIC. This company did research and mapping of innovation hubs around the world. Then recommended NIC should follow certain international trend. This wasn’t bad, but not enough. This blueprint turned out to be unimplementable, failing to take into consideration local regulation, culture, NIC team capacity and so on. The government then reached out to UNDP to help them design a strategy for a National Innovation Ecosystem that was context appropriate.

Cost to implement (in USD): 65,000

Time (in calendar time): 8 months, not counting procurement.

People (team numerosity): about 64 (from UNDP) and 10 (from NIC)

Focal point. Nguyen Tuan Luong

Country and year. Viet Nam, 2022