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Talking points and slide deck to pitch for supporting National Innovation Ecosystems

What it does. Makes a case for getting involved in supporting innovation ecosystems.

Value proposition. By making a clear, evidence-supported argument for supporting innovation ecosystems, you will enable UNDP and government officials to make an informed decision on whether to support their national innovation ecosystem.

Why and when to use it. There are two use cases. The first one: when you wish to enlist the support of senior UNDP officials. The second one: when you wish to enlist the support of government officials. You can think of it as a pitch, to be delivered in a meeting or in a carefully crafted email, that opens a conversation.

Known issues and troubleshooting. Risks are low, the worst that can happen is that you get turned down.

Context. The Global Team in the UNDP Accelerator Labs produced these talking points on the basis of a survey conducted in the summer of 2022, to which 84 Labs in as many Country Offices responded. A longer write-up about the results of the survey is available in this toolkit.

Cost to implement (in USD): zero

Time (in calendar time): negligible.

People (team numerosity): 1

Focal point. Alberto Cottica and Eduardo Gustale

Country and year. Global Team, 2023


  • A slide deck containing one slide each for the two use cases of talking to UNDP officials and talking to government officials.
  • A 1,100 words essay unpacking the survey on which the talking points are based, as well as its main results.