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What it does. This tool provides guidance for UNDP teams on best practices when creating digital solutions for development. They are shared publicly as they may help other teams across the development sector identify how best to explore digital tools and technologies.

Value proposition for the government/other partner and SDG alignment. By making use of the Digital Standards, you will be able to provide a framework for new and ongoing projects on how digital information is managed and exchanged, and how digital products are created to ensure that new technologies are used effectively, efficiently, and ethically to support development goals.

Why and when to use it. This tool is useful to support partners and stakeholders to evaluate new technologies and ensure that they are compatible with existing systems avoiding investments in outdated or incompatible technologies. This tool includes a total of 10 digital standards, each standard explains its purpose, when and how to best be applied, and has useful resources. Digitalization is one of the three enablers of UNDP Strategic Plan 2022-2025 to support countries to build inclusive, ethical, and sustainable digital societies.

Known issues and troubleshooting. This tool is not trying to claim that all development solutions must be digital. In fact, it is important to reflect and analyze whether the effective implementation of a development solution requires a digital mean.

Context. This tool builds upon the Principles for Digital Development, which have been endorsed by the international development community. The Principles for Digital Development are a set of living guidance intended to help practitioners succeed in applying digital technologies to development programs.

Cost. Free to use.

Time. Not applicable

People. Self-led.

Focal point. Christof Hawle.

Country, year, and language. Global, 2021